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There are many web sites around related to Haiku, but rather than list them all here we refer you to the sites below, the first two of which contain vast arrays of links:-
Mark Alan Osterhaus
Japanese Haiku Poetry Resources
The Haiku Guru
Red Thread Haiku Sangha
Redthread was founded nearly ten years ago by a dozen haiku poets committed to transcendence. All of them follow some form of religious meditation practice and all seek to write haiku with an existential resonance: haiku with echoes of the Silence -as well as of the noise of the world. The Redthread Haiku Sangha website is a place where like-minded travellers on the path (whether they hack their way with machetes or get carried in litters!) can exchange poetry and ideas in a fellowship of conversation. Explore the site, and you will also find out about haibun prose-poetry experiments, and mountain retreats.
Another site that comes highly recommended is Haiku Spirit


Title A Zen Wave
Author Robert Aitken
Publisher Weatherhill
Date 1978
Comment Analysis of 30 or so Basho haiku with Zen spirit.
Title Basho and his Interpreters
Author Makoto Ueda
Publisher Stanford University Press
Date 1992
Comment Gives the Japanese, literal and literary translations, and commentaries.
Title Children's Haiku
Author John Ashbery et al
Publisher CandyHall
Date 1995
Comment Results of JAL worldwide children's haiku competition. Lovely.
Title Haiku (Four volumes)
Author R H Blyth
Publisher Hokuseido Press
Date 1981
Comment The great work which translated classic haiku for us, beautifully
Title Masaoka Shiki
Author Janine Beichman
Publisher Kodansha
Date 1986
Comment Late 19th c Japanese haiku master.
Title Matsuo Basho
Author Makoto Ueda
Publisher Kodansha
Date 1982
Comment Biography with a strong focus on the works of poetry.
Title Mountain Tasting
Author Santoka Taneda, translated by John Stevens
Publisher Weatherhill
Date 1980
Comment Wonderful minimalist translations of 20thc Zen wanderer
Title On Love and Barley: Haiku of Basho
Author Basho, translated Lucien Stryk
Publisher Penguin Classics
Date 1985
Comment Stryk's translations are full of vigour and surprises. Lovely
Title Tadpoles: Haiku by British schoolchildren
Author David Cobb, editor
Publisher British Haiku Society
Date 1999
Comment Mixed batch of children's first attempts.
Title Teaching Through Poetry: Writing and the Drafting Process
Author George Marsh
Publisher Hodder and Stoughton
Date 1988
Comment Book for teachers by the author of this website.
Title The Autumn Wind: the poems of Issa
Author Lewis Mackenzie
Publisher Kodansha
Date 1984
Comment Fifty pages of Issa's life, and translations of his poems.
Title The Classic Tradition of Haiku
Author Faubion Bowers
Publisher Dover Thrift Editions
Date 1996
Comment Another anthology of classic haiku in translation, very cheap.
Title The Genius of Haiku: Readings from R H Blyth
Author British Haiku Society
Publisher British Haiku Society
Date 1994
Comment Anthology of the critical writings of the brilliantly eccentric Blyth.
Title The Haiku Anthology
Author Cor Van den Heuvel
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Date 1991
Comment Impressive anthology of American haiku writers
Title The Haiku Handbook
Author William J Higginson
Publisher Kodansha
Date 1989
Comment An introduction to all haiku issues, including writing them
Title The Haiku Seasons: Poetry of the Natural World
Author William J Higginson
Publisher Kodansha
Date 1996
Comment Emphasis on the "season-word."
Title The Iron Book of British Haiku
Author David Cobb and Martin Lucas, editors
Publisher Iron Press
Date 1998
Comment Anthology of some of the best new haiku in English
Title The Japanese Haiku
Author Kenneth Yasuda
Publisher Tut Books, Tuttle
Date 1973
Comment Dry academic account of haiku.
Title The Narrow Road to the Deep North
Author Basho, translated by Noboyuki Yuasa
Publisher Penguin Classics
Date 1966
Comment The classic travel-sketches studded with haiku. Good introduction.
Title The Penguin Book of Japanese Verse
Author Geoffrey Bownas and Anthony Thwaite
Publisher Penguin
Date 1964
Comment Useful anthology of Japanese poetry
Title The Penguin Book of Zen Poetry
Author Lucien Stryk and Takashi Ikemoto
Publisher Penguin
Date 1981
Comment Chinese and Japanese poems, including haiku, thrillingly translated
Title The Sound of Water
Author Sam Hamill
Publisher Shambhala Centaur Editions
Date 1995
Comment Another anthology of classic haiku, well translated
Title The Spring Journey to the Saxon Shore
Author David Cobb
Publisher Equinox Press
Date 1997
Comment Lively , very interesting stab at Basho's travel-sketch form, studded with haiku.
Title The Waning Moon Haiku Poets
Author Michael Gunton, Cicely Hill, James Norton, George Marsh
Publisher Waning Moon Press
Date 1997
Comment Beautiful books by the poets quoted in the lessons on this website.
Title Writings from Japan
Author Lafcadio Hearn
Publisher Penguin Classics
Date 1984
Comment Wonderful appreciation of the culture of late 19th c Japan.

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